My name is Eugenio Solis de Ovando. 
Welcome to my website, where you can learn about the classes I teach and programs I have created.

Digital Photography and Retouching Program

I created a certificate program in Digital Photography & Retouching that combines studio learning as well as post-production and photo manipulation techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Reviews of students that have taken my classes

I enjoyed Eugenio's Dual Graphic and Web Design Certificate course. Eugenio is truly amazing. He not only knowledgable at what he does but he truly a pro He made a huge impact on my workflow. I am grateful to have found this class. I encourage anyone to take this class you will truly be enlighten overall

Tessa Jeffrey - April 2, 2018 ·

Eugenio is a great teacher. He makes you feel comfortable asking questions, but he also doesn’t let questions slow the class down. The classroom was very nice and the Apple desktop computers worked really well. I gained solid beginner knowledge of InDesign after never having opened the program before this class. I feel confident to use it at my job now, after just 4 hours spent with Eugenio!

Madison R.

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